4月2号成都全天英语活动【 即兴演说+深度理解&沟通技巧】

Sun, 02 Apr 2023 10:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Sun, 02 Apr 2023 17:00:00 GMT+08


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    On Sunday, April 2nd, join a group of positive and energetic individuals for a journey of personal growth and self-discovery in a stylish and comfortable setting.









    Basic Information
    Topic: Journey of Personal Growth and Self-development

    Organizers: Demy’s Social Community, Youman Potential Community, Jiaozi & BEEPLUS

    Language: English.
    Price: 40-80 yuan/person.
    Date and Time: Sunday, April 2nd, from 10 AM to 5 PM
    Address: 交子&BEEPLUS,会议厅(成都兴盛国际中心, 1st floor, Metro line 2, exit C, you will see it when you get out of the exit)





    Full-day activity schedule

    Morning session: Impromptu speaking in English.

    Afternoon session: In-depth understanding of personal growth and communication skills.



    Impromptu speaking 






    Impromptu speaking is the best way to hone public speaking skills in a fun and challenging environment. This event will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to not only listen to others but also to courageously showcase themselves in front of a live audience and break through self-imposed limitations.

    The event organizer has prepared different speech topics for the attendees. During the event, volunteers will be randomly selected by the host to prepare and deliver a speech within a limited time frame. This is an excellent opportunity to improve quick thinking and improvisational speaking skills. Whether you are an experienced speaker or a beginner, the impromptu speech event is the perfect place to improve your confidence and ability. 

    Don't hesitate to sign up and join us for our impromptu speech day!



    主题: 英语即兴演说




    主持人: Demy





    -10:00 活动开场&破冰&演讲规则

    -10:30 英语即兴演说

    -11:30 合照留念&自由社交

    -12:00 自愿午餐&社交游戏

    -14:00 下午场:个人成长之深度理解和沟通技巧

    English Impromptu Speaking Activity Details

    Topic: Impromptu speech

    Time: 2nd, April, Sun, 10:00

    Fee: 40RMB/PP

    Language: English

    Host: Demy

    Timer counter: Please volunteer

    Repetition… counter:  Please volunteer


    -09:50 Sign up

    -10:00 Ice break & Impromptu rules

    -10:30 Impromptu speech

    -11:30 Take photos & free socializing

    -12:00 Optional: Lunch & social games

    -14:00 Join the afternoon event: Transformative Weekend Class-

    Deep understanding & communication skills 



    Activity Details for Deep Understanding & Communication Skills



    本次活动将涉及和探讨积极倾听、同理心、脆弱和非语言沟通的力量等相关内容。 出席人员将学习到如何更清晰、更准确地表达自己,以及如何为其他人创造一个安全和支持的空间。

    In this class, you'll learn how to break through the barriers that prevent us from truly understanding and connecting with others. 

    Through a combination of engaging lectures, interactive exercises, and small group discussions, you'll develop the skills and confidence to communicate more authentically and effectively.

    We'll explore topics such as active listening, empathy, vulnerability, and the power of nonverbal communication. 

    You'll discover how to express yourself more clearly and genuinely, and how to create a safe and supportive space for others to do the same.



    主题: 深度理解&沟通技巧

    时间: 4月2日下午, 周日,下午2点~7点

    费用: 40元/人

    语言: 英语

    教练: Matan


    -14:00开场 & 破冰





    Activity Details for Deep Understanding & Communication Skills

    Topic: Deep understanding & communication

    Time: 2nd, April, Sun, 14:00-17:00

    Fee: 40RMB/PP

    Language: English

    Host: Matan

    -13:50 Welcome

    -14:00 Introduction & Ice break

    -14:30 Understanding communication

    -15:30 Interactive drills

    -16:30 Guided discussion

    -16:50 Lucky draw and photo

     最新Logo.png WechatIMG282.png YP logo.png


    Demy社交联盟 Demy’s Social Community



    -发起人Demy, 但是属于所有联盟成员的平台。

    -We are an international socializing platform!

    -We host online salon and offline event every week.

    - Founder Demy, but belongs to everyone.

    YP人类潜能 Youman Potentia

    YP人类潜力是一个充满活力社群,致力于通过丰富的线上和线下活动促进个人成长和自我发展。致力于帮助个人充分挖掘自身潜力并实现目标,为大家提供一个相互联系、共同学习和共同成长的互助环境。通过互动式研讨会、小组讨论以及一对一的指导课程,促进越来越多人为达到美好生活,发挥最大的潜力。Youman Potential is a vibrant and dynamic community dedicated to fostering growth and self-development through a wide range of online and offline activities. With a focus on helping individuals tap into their full potential and achieve their goals, Youman Potential offers a supportive and engaging environment where members can connect, learn, and grow together. Whether through interactive workshops, group discussions, or one-on-one coaching sessions, this community is committed to empowering its members to live their best lives and reach their highest potential. 

    交子&BEEPLUS  Jiaozi & BEEPLUS

    交子&BEEPLUS被定位为集商务与休闲为一体的高品质产业办公空间,是BEEPLUS与成都市金牛城市建设投资经营集团有限公司在成都金牛区的旗舰项目。楼宇极具高级感与商 务性,整体富有质感而不失西南区域特色,这也是BEEPLUS深度植入区域特色的代表项目之一。BEEPLUS 致力于成为新办公生态的引领者。定位在办公空间的设计、建设 、采购、管理一站式解决专家。主要向企业、政府客户提供从设计到后期运营管理的一站式解决方案。BEEPLUS 的商业逻辑是,通过办公空间打造的刚需切入,长期服务管 理大量的办公场景,再提供To C个人增值服务,打造基于办公场景的线下新办公生态


    Jiaozi & BEEPLUS is positioned as a high-quality industrial office space that combines business and leisure. It is the flagship project of BEEPLUS and Chengdu Jinniu Urban Construction Investment and Management Group Co., Ltd. in Jinniu District, Chengdu. 

    The building is highly sophisticated and business-oriented, with a rich design and distinctive features of the southwest region, making it one of the representative projects where BEEPLUS deeply integrates regional characteristics. 

    BEEPLUS is committed to becoming a leader in the new office ecosystem, positioning itself as a "one-stop expert in the design, construction, procurement, and management of office space." It primarily provides one-stop solutions from design to post-operation management for enterprises and government clients. 

    The business logic of BEEPLUS is to penetrate the market through the creation of necessary office space, provide long-term services to manage a large number of office scenes, and then provide value-added services to individuals to create a new offline "office ecosystem" based on the office scene.

    At present, the business covers 7 cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hangzhou and Chengdu and has accumulatively served near 1,000 clients, including 17 governmental and state-owned enterprises, 6 enterprises of World Furtune 500, 31 listed and unicorn companies and 300 strategic newly-rising enterprises.







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